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musician and philosopher

writer, scientist, lecturer, interpreter, singer, pianist,
music teacher, composer, self help guide


labour union: fau

allgemeines syndikat dresden, art/culture section



grown up in fürstenwalde/spree (eastern germany), school,

piano and vocal education, competitions, punkrock

musical and extramusical studies at hfm dresden

philosophical and sociological studies at tu dresden

self-organized composition studies


theoretical-practical works and interests around (tags): utopia, capitalism and religion, esoterism, spectacle, love, feminism, anarchism, emotions, intimacy and public space, flowers, trees, self help culture, racism and antisemitism, antiromaism, work and leisure, care and house work, sex work, desire, 'creative' labour, music and class, voice, breath, stage.

permanent project: antifascism in saxony - trials of artistic sharp-seeing and out-blinding

in liaison with problems of self legitimization and responsibility as an artist

currently: studies in bordeaux / france. religion philosophy and general strike


moreover: projects, projects, projects.
see also: upcoming